Half House Warface: Tentface

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At some point this month, a banner for an F2P game materialized on Steam’s front page. I like to think it did so in a plume of acrid black smoke, triggering fire alarms and filling nostrils with the cloying reek of week-old bottled flatulence, worldwide. This banner was a picture of a man’s face; emblazoned with the word FACE, preluded by the word WAR.

I looked at it. Azalius looked at it. Euthanasia looked at it. We all burst out laughing.

Then Azalius clicked download. The laughs turned to screams and desperate pleading.

“Very funny, guys. I don’t need new content that bad.”

“Ross… He’s serious.”

“No you- Oh god you wouldn’t! It’s going to have capes again! It’s played straight this time!”

“It’s a joke! It has to be!”

“Guys… there’s a proprietary launcher client you need to play. It’s called GFace.”

Grant chose this moment to join the chat. The poor bastard never even knew what hit him.

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