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I think this is sufficient evidence.

I briefly considered not bothering with these last nine minutes of Warfacing. Then I remembered the mech. Poor Grant. Nothing better explains just how terrible the design of these bosses is than what happens to us around the 5:50 minute mark:

We’re fighting an enemy that takes the combined efforts of all four of us to even become vulnerable to damage, which immediately regains its full shield after taking a single hit, is immune to everything but the one-shot launchers we have to scavenge from the environment, and can fire a literally endless salvo of rockets for no obvious reason. No rules of the genre or even the game itself are observed in this fight.

But even beyond this insanity the joke is on us. When we take cover from the torrential downpour of explosives behind some inexplicable stacks of cars which exist specifically for this purpose, without any forewarning or indication of damage the rusty-car-cover EXPLODES. Ten seconds of motionlessly absorbing rockets and it just… spontaneously detonates, instantly killing everyone but Grant, who goes on to perform the world’s most hilarious one-man relay race/pyrotechnic jig. Please insert a revive token.

On second thought, I don’t think I will. Goodbye Warface. I will remember your demon robots until the end of time.

Whether or not I want to.

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