Half House Broforce: Trying To Turkey

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If there was any reason – rhyme or otherwise – to the screen-mauling bedlam of the typical Broforce level, I think it honestly might be a lot more fun. Chaos is an enjoyable thing to skillfully weave one’s way through, but there must be rules and patterns for the player to adapt to, or else they simply find themselves at the mercy of a dozen clashing game systems which make no regard for their input.

Our game here is pretty much the sterling example: Grant pushes over a barrel just by touching it, which promptly explodes in his face; stray bullets take out a bridge, dropping exploding bodies onto more barrels; a flying oil tank decides to liquefy my face for no reason as it passes overhead; the flying Terminator passes through a boss for the one frame it begins falling and immediately dies; the game drops a half dozen lives for me during the helicopter boss but by sheer happenstance of destroyable terrain a bomb lands on EVERY SINGLE ONE. Everything is too complex, interdependent, and chaotic to anticipate, and much too fast to react to.

I’d say they should tone down the anarchy, but… this is Broforce. How does a single sentence contain both “tone down” and “Broforce” without becoming the object of total ridicule?

Anyway, today… we’re all pretty much just trying to turkey in some fashion or other.

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