Full House Lords of Shadow EP13: Necropolis Ghoul

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My apologies again about the truly impossible delay on this batch of episodes. I was working on the wonderful Will Fight For Food and trying my hand at some tabletop RPG’s, so editing time was quite limited. With that said… on with the show.

Today I run afoul of the dreaded 1970’s gremlicabra, Grant grabs some ghouls (wretched creatures), and the doctor jams a classic 3DO Power Lich Ballad for our combined nostalgiamusement.

There isn’t too much to be said about this portion of the game – it’s another relatively dead level buffering more interesting story/gameplay bits… until we meet Zobek and discover the real enemy in our midst: Lords of Shadow’s fixed camera. Let’s be honest here – that final statue was engineered with malice. Malice and the sadistic glee of watching a blind man fight a dozen ghouls in an enclosed space while two others listen in incredulously.

Incidentally, this episode goes out to ghouls everywhere! Yours is a plight often quite misunderstood, despite your innate charisma and impeccable Tokyo fashion sense. Real shame about that second season. That said, you are the most annoying enemy in Vampire Canada and I will eat my keyboard if you vomit on my face one more time.

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