Full House Lords of Shadow EP14: That Was A Good Idea

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This time in Corners of Internet Shadow I feel the Crush of Ignorance’s Ceilings while Awkward Grant waxes crystalline for the chronicles of yesteryear, and meanwhile Dr. Euthanasia takes tenure for study of the rare and elusive dumbpire. The spire of greed and practicality awaits! Today we unilaterally decided to trust Zobek with decidedly not a crowbar by any definition. It was probably a good idea.

For another interstitial level that was clearly broken up by another mortal-fear-inducing loading screen, this one isn’t actually too bad. There’s a more even balance of fights and puzzles, and the latter are no longer quite as annoying or patronizing as they’ve been in the past. The game at least attempts something interesting here by pairing you up with Zobek to pass obstacles that neither of you could tackle alone, and although it never presses the point by taking him away in a time of need, for this episode we do get to hear his hilarious dialogue and bear witness to the man’s unbridled mastery of dramatic showmanship. Likewise, the teleporter puzzle had a neat optional bonus reward and looked suitably neat, while the ceilings were just tense enough to interrupt my Keeper Talk. Not bad, Lords of Shadow. Not bad.

…on the other hand, somebody is clearly still paralyzed with mirth at the prospect that while turning a crank, an offscreen enemy is going to bop Gabriel on the head and send him flying away from his torpidly mundane objective. It keeps happening. I kid you not, in a few episodes the idea expands to an entire cutscene of Scooby Doo skeleantics. WAIT FOR IT. IT DOES NOT STOP.

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