Full House Lords of Shadow EP15: Master of Showmanship

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This time in Lords of Shadow I destroy more books than a hollywood cash-in, the Doctor does his Symphony of the Night-quality best as the enigmatic H, and Grant relates to us the Scroll of Self-Improvement. We all bear witness to the early stages of an incontestable case of Definitely Murder that looms next episode.

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: Zobek is far and away the best character in this game. The man is voiced by Patrick Steward for more than five minutes this time, is an untouchable master of the art of hammery, scene-chewing, and showmanship, and he even manages to be helpful as a competent AI companion. Even most of the plot shenanigans that take place around him at first glance (why is he always there when you need him?) seem to retroactively correct themselves by the end.

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