Good day to you, whoever you might be. I am Ross Zevenhuizen III (yes, the third); a 27-year-old digital artist and game designer from Toronto, Ontario.

Along with an affectation for 3D art and game design, I have a strong interest in creative writing and storytelling of every kind – from words on book pages through to the uniquely immersive atmosphere one can only find inside a video game. Some day I intend to write and publish a novel. When not distracted by any of this, I dabble in programming, music, video editing, and traditional art.

Regrettably I do not actually own seven houses, but it’s likely my ancestors paid sevenfold for their heating.

I presently work as a scripter and game designer for Pyrodactyl Games (creators of Good Robot, Unrest), and am on the lookout for a regular position in the local games industry.

All this began in 2003, when by chance I stumbled onto Valve’s Hammer editor, which I took to immediately. A number of levels and mod projects for the Half-Life engine games resulted, while I worked out the nuances of level design, asset creation, and scripting. A year after Source’s 2004 debut, I came upon Firearms Revival: a skilled team of developers intent on recreating one of my favourite games for this new engine. I immediately applied for a position and was accepted, learning more about 3D art from the brilliant minds there than I have anywhere else.

FAR reorganized several times in the following years, amalgamating under the banner of “Firearms: Source” with some new hands on board by the end of 2006. Since then I’ve been steadily expanding my skill base and knowledge of game development. I spent numerous years as a 3D Artist for Venom Game Labs (the developer behind FA:S), creating textures, models, and other visual assets for the game alongside a dedicated and talented group of people.

In August 2010 I secured a diploma in Game Design and Development from Centennial College in Toronto, and have worked previously as a game designer at Phantom Compass; a local web games developer, as well as the Ontario Science Centre as a 3D artist. Come 2013 I signed on with Pyrodactyl Games as the lead scripter and level designer to create the storytelling-centric indie RPG Unrest, as well as numerous other projects since – among them the up and coming shoot-’em-up Good Robot in collaboration with Shamus Young

Contact Information

Email: ross [at] seventh-house [dot] org

28 Walter Street
Toronto, Ontario
M4E 2Z1



Pyrodactyl Games (Unrest)

  • Lead Scripter
  • Level Designer
  • Game Designer

Firearms: Source – Valve Source Engine
www.firearms-source.com | www.venomgamelabs.com

  • Environment Artist
  • Texture Artist
  • Level & Game Designer
  • Model QC scripting/compiling

Phantom Compass

  • Game Designer (Intern)

Ontario Science Centre

  • Graphic Designer
  • 3D Artist

Incursion – Valve Source Engine

  • Level Designer
  • Texture Artist

3rd party programming – Dynamix Starsiege Tribes Engine

3rd party level design – Valve Half-Life Engine


Centennial College

  • Diploma – Game Design & Development

Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute

  • Certificate of Technological Excellence

Software Proficiency


  • 3D Studio Max 2010
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • Valve Source Engine SDK
  • Valve Half-Life Engine SDK


  • Epic Unreal Editor 3/UDK
  • Epic Unreal Engine 2004 SDK
  • Various other tools (Eg. Crazybump, X-normal)

Other Related Skills

  • Photography
  • Creative Writing
  • C/C++
  • Various other game engine scripting languages