Let’s Play Dragon Age II, Part 4: Pyromour

A dashing, villainous mage with lofty ambitions possessed by a strangely enterprising demon, a man who is less a man and more a hostile animate chin as his brother, a flattened corpse facing South with too little hair, a naive mother in support of this bizarre clan, a templar with less literal brain matter than […]

Let’s Play Dragon Age II, Part 3: More Fire

Since the unfortunate subtext of my contract with the self-titled spirit Agony came into full effect, there have been a great number of distasteful duties for which I was unwillingly volunteered: general good samaritan, apprentice nug tamer for small children, clown (of the benign variety), step-ladder, butler-for-hire, unpaid deliveryman of miscellaneous non-sinister items, training mechanism […]

Let’s Play Dragon Age II, Part 2: Enter Agony

This is Aveline, soldier of the king. The king in question is both dead and buried under several tons of solid darkspawn at present, so I’m not entirely certain where that leaves her. Clambering over mountaintops alongside her husband with the full force of the blight in pursuit clearly, not that the illustrious family Hawke […]

Let’s Play Dragon Age II, Part 1: Of Hawkes and Vultures

Being an evil overlord is a more difficult job than the masses give credit to. It’s not simply having a caustic personality and the muscle to back it up; it takes planning, dedication, and an eye for life’s subtler cruelties. A good overlord does his grim work in secrecy when it would be opposed, builds […]