Full House Lords of Shadow EP8: Smack It

Previous: Lords of Shadow EP7: The Moment Link (Youtube) After a month-long hiatus wrapping up development on Unrest I return to finish off this… exemplar of a long-running franchise gone mad. Expect more regular updates from here on out; Azalius and I have been up to some nefarious F2P deeds again. But today? Today I […]

NewHouse Year

This holiday season has been a little busy for the Full House crew: Grant landed a job, Azalius lost his internet for four days, and Euthansia and I were besieged by insidious trees. Sam was around… but I believe he was reading Berserk. Things have just started to get back on track for us, so […]

New House

Well now, it’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? I could say a lot happened in the past year, but most of it would be either depressing, unworthy of comment, or worse; uninteresting. I had originally intended to keep a regular update schedule nearing the end of last summer, but I got sick with some […]

Devils, Bowls, and The Fragment

Update progress has been a mite slow this week thanks to a portion of model rigging work I had to finish up and a multitude of unanticipated Steam-selling-games-at-ludicrous-discounts-based factors. What? No! Balderdash, my good man! I assure you I had no knowledge that Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption were on sale […]

A Carnival of Free Entertainment I

Greetings, esteemed visitor, and welcome again to the many-wheeled Seventh House! An absurd place for a carnival, and thus more fitting than any other! Come one, come all! Partake of a feast of entertainment – an array of artistry, its value beyond measure, yet fully and unambiguously free for your perusal. See below, as descriptions […]

Let’s Play Dragon Age II, Part 3: More Fire

Since the unfortunate subtext of my contract with the self-titled spirit Agony came into full effect, there have been a great number of distasteful duties for which I was unwillingly volunteered: general good samaritan, apprentice nug tamer for small children, clown (of the benign variety), step-ladder, butler-for-hire, unpaid deliveryman of miscellaneous non-sinister items, training mechanism […]

A Year In The Motherboardland

Once again it has occurred: I am a year older. It’s that time of year when you open your email to the sight of dozens of automated congratulatory emails from as many forums, raise an eyebrow, then conclude that yes, it may in fact be your birthday. You think. Maybe. This is a paltry excuse […]

Open House

Ah, site-opening day. A holiday of merit. I would have the robes, masks, scythes, monosyllabic chants, and mouldering tomes both ancient and terrible beyond mortal reckoning out on display already, but it’s been scarcely long enough to apply the fresh cobwebs and here we are already. Do you have even the slightest notion how ruinously […]