On Realism And Shooter Mechanics

Full House season 3 is still in the works (Saaaaaam!), but for the time being I’ve got a mini-article on the nature of realism in games, particularly modern FPS, cribbed pretty much wholesale from some of the discussions I’ve had while working as a gameplay designer at Firearms: Source. Often players will ask us for […]

Knights of the Old Republic: First Impressions

Text-like articles have been a little sparse over at the Seventh House while I’ve been at work on Unrest lately. I believe it’s high time I changed that. Let’s start with some commentary on what I’ve been playing recently. What have I been playing recently, you ask? That’s lovingly-illustrated-picture-dialect for KOTOR. I’m playing KOTOR and […]

Monkey Cycle: An Epic Of Simian Horror

Ladies and Gentlemen, good readers of Seventh House, I have just played one of the scariest games in living memory, and it was not prefaced with the title “Amnesia”. Picture, if you will, that strange place which serves a tenuous dual purpose of storing my things and enabling me to sleep. Most everything not in […]

Mass Effect 3 – The Worst Boss Fight Ever

Apologies regarding my long absence – everything from the final week of the skiing season to the ending of the Mass Effect trilogy ruining a full-featured update (it really was that bad!) has kept me occupied lately. These things have tied me up long enough that I ran out of pre-planned buffer content, and for […]

Mass Effect 3 – Many Words About Trailers

In typical Seventh House fashion I set out to write a relatively well-ordered and concise multi-topic article with which I could share some impressions from the Mass Effect 3 demo, discuss the awful misuse of random children present in the game’s promotional campaign, and even talk about some ideas I’ve kicked around about what the […]