On Realism And Shooter Mechanics

Full House season 3 is still in the works (Saaaaaam!), but for the time being I’ve got a mini-article on the nature of realism in games, particularly modern FPS, cribbed pretty much wholesale from some of the discussions I’ve had while working as a gameplay designer at Firearms: Source. Often players will ask us for […]

Mass Effect 3 – The Worst Boss Fight Ever

Apologies regarding my long absence – everything from the final week of the skiing season to the ending of the Mass Effect trilogy ruining a full-featured update (it really was that bad!) has kept me occupied lately. These things have tied me up long enough that I ran out of pre-planned buffer content, and for […]

The Bioware RPG: Choices Without Choice – Part 2

It is frankly bizarre just how many articles have popped up since my last update confirming precisely what I think is the matter with open-ended western RPG’s today. The writers for Mass Effect 2 lamented writing themselves into a corner by making too many aspects of their game open-ended; Yahtzee pointed out the extreme fixation […]

The Bioware RPG: Choices Without Choice – Part 1

Bioware is something of an anomaly in the world of game development: a company that does good business almost entirely through story-driven singleplayer titles and makes bank on the talent of its writers more than the appeal of its graphics or game mechanics. While there are most certainly other developers such as Obsidian who follow […]

FA:S News Update – Player Customization

Firearms: Source has just released a news update. Why have I taken such a specific interest in this? Well, the fact that I’m part of the dev team may have something to do with the matter. As I may have alluded to in previous blog posts, I am and have been a mod/indie game developer […]