Half House Broforce: Trying To Turkey

Previous: Half House Broforce: Falling Blocks Link (Youtube) If there was any reason – rhyme or otherwise – to the screen-mauling bedlam of the typical Broforce level, I think it honestly might be a lot more fun. Chaos is an enjoyable thing to skillfully weave one’s way through, but there must be rules and patterns […]

Half House Broforce: Falling Blocks

Previous: Half House Warface: Evidence Link (Youtube) Today we bring you a special episode: Azalius sent us pain in gift form this Christmas, and its name was Broforce. I’m honestly not sure what kind of thought process went into designing the… anything, in this game, but whatever it was probably grinned madly while doing so. […]

Half House Warface: Evidence

Previous: Half House Warface: Demon Robots Link (Youtube) I think this is sufficient evidence. I briefly considered not bothering with these last nine minutes of Warfacing. Then I remembered the mech. Poor Grant. Nothing better explains just how terrible the design of these bosses is than what happens to us around the 5:50 minute mark: […]

Half House Warface: Demon Robots

Previous: Half House Warface: Tentface Link (Youtube) There are no words in any living tongue to describe just how unpleasant Warface’s AI soldiers are to engage with, but over the course of this play session we certainly try our best. Understand, dear viewer, that these are not simply bots. No, they are electronic fiends loosed […]

Half House Risk of Rain (2 of 2): Middle of a Deathtrap

Previous: Half House Risk of Rain (1/2): Headstompers Link (Youtube) Today I take you back to the past, Grant has (oh gosh) no health in the middle of a death trap, Euthanasia’s is the speed and the fast, and Azalius has more lasers than the average Oni level. We are skeleton men. Sometimes there are […]

Half House Risk of Rain (1 of 2): Headstompers

Previous: Half House Monaco: Necromancy At The Disco Link (Youtube) As a number of the gang have been on opposed, rotating sleep schedules recently, have another Half House while I put things in order. For now this is my gift to you – especially that which clutches the episode’s coat-tails in ravenous anticipation, awaiting the […]